Welcome to my website, Handmade by Cynthia. Since I was a little girl, I’ve done some type of crafting and have done most of them at some time in my life.

I started making handmade greeting cards in the early 2000’s after first seeing some card making products on the shopping channel QVC UK. I had been increasingly dissatisfied with the greeting cards found in card shops as the quality, variety, and selection got worse and worse, and I could no longer find anything that I would feel happy to give to somebody I cared about. From once being spoilt for choice and having a hard time deciding on a card, I would walk out of card shops empty handed.  I felt certain that I could make something better myself, something I could be proud to give, and that was also personalised to the recipient’s tastes and that wouldn’t be seen coming and going everywhere.

Each and every handmade greeting card on my website is made by myself alone with love, care and attention to detail and quality control, using only the finest quality ingredients. They are exclusive to this website, and you won’t find them anywhere else. 

I have sold my cards in a local London shop, on ebid uk, my previous own website, etsy, ebay, and most recently for over 5 1/2 years on amazon.com. However, I prefer to have the control that I can only have from owning my own website.

Please bear with me as I slowly add more of the cards I have made and also more of the crafting products that I bought for my own use but that I need to let go of.

Everything will come to you from a smoke-free environment.